artist. Ara Dolatian

title. Narratives- Realties, fictionalising the present and contaminating the fantastical wilderness

date. 2/8/18 - 21/7/18 Opening Friday 3rd August 6-9pm 

about.Dolatian's interdisciplinary practice explores the relationship between cultural landscapes and the natural ecosystem. A hybrid ecosystem simultaneously resembles a semi-functional apparatus, the model of a utopian city and a biological experiment. It also conflates a number of ideas around the themes of the studio and the laboratory and in turn social and environmental politics.

The work functions as visual interpretations of socio-cultural and technological developments and aims to anticipate future topics while using the dichotomy of humanities and science. Art and science have been engaged in an exchange of ideas and narrative structures. The body of work is an abstract visualisation linking the human and the nonhuman and addressing the incipient intersection of nature, biology and technology. Image: Narratives - 2018 - Archival paper / Giclee print - 75cm x 54cm - 5 editions - cutom framed