artist. Naomi Bishop 

title. The Watchers

date. 4/10/18 - 23/10/18 Opening Friday 5th October 6-9pm 

about.The Unexplained and Unexplored are recurring themes in my work. I am interested in exploring darkness, silence, mysterious events and peripheral landscapes, other worldly places and objects. I am interested the ways in which we are shaped by the natural environment, and the ways in which natural and celestial phenomena are interpreted and developed into belief systems.


Since my residencies in Finland, I have continued to work with mysterious landscapes, symbols, and ritual objects, making images of memorial stones, forest burial grounds and illusory thresholds, and objects and places might be used for conjuring supernatural forces.This is the most recent in a series of drawings of ritual objects including wands, rocks, crystals, and ritual vessels, and takes its inspiration from a piece of selenite crystal I recently found, surrounded by the inky blackness of the night sky. 


oil on archival gesso board, 36 x 28cm