artist. Renee Estée

title. I Began To Notice Distances

date. 4/10/18 - 23/10/18 Opening Friday 5th October 6-9pm 

about.Conjuring a theatrical wilderness, Renee Estée’s paintings and installs weave together convoluted narratives, to foster elements of the sublime, entangled with allusions of the everyday. Submerged in stories of ritual, communication and memory, Estée’s predominantly large-scale figurative paintings, depict darkly resplendent terrains enveloped in multitudinous temporalities, which highlight the mesmeric push-pull between the real and the imagined, the uncanny and the nostalgic, whilst fusing diaristic elements to evoke powerful and affecting snapshots of contemporary existence. Estée embraces a multifaceted approach, engendering a lexicon of techniques, drastic shifts in stylisation, and references to poetic devices, resulting in paintings that oscillate between abstraction and representation. Estée’s frequency to drift between illusory and tangible contexts, and public and private realms, enables the porosity of vivified internal monologues, memories and musings, to manifest endless potentialities

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